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Get certified as a Teacher of Effortless Deep Meditation


ITMA was created by independent Teachers of EDM to:

  • NETWORK as a community for the benefit of all teachers of Meditation

  • SHARE IDEAS AND RESOURCES to help each other as teachers

  • PROVIDE MUTUAL SUPPORT in legal matters

  • COOPERATE IN TEACHING EDM and creating healthy and peaceful individuals – the basis of a peaceful world.

If you are already an independent teacher of EDM, receive your free ITMA Teacher of EDM Certification


  • Complete an application
  • Receive the Teacher of Meditation certificate
  • Members of ITMA have access to teaching resources
  • Members may be as active or inactive as is comfortable
  • There are currently no annual fees, and …
  • No royalties are collected

THE TWO CONDITIONS for joining ITMA are:

  1. Have completed a recognized teacher training course
  2. Teach Meditation in the way we were taught

Yes, please send me a registration form and more information about getting my Teacher of Meditation certificate. I understand there is no charge.

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