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Become a Teacher of Effortless Deep Meditation

  • Teacher of Effortless Deep Meditation is an in-demand profession

  • The fastest-growing health and wellness niche

  • EDM works so well because it is completely natural, based on the very nature of the mind

  • EDM is easy to learn and effortless to practice

You can become a professional Teacher of Effortless Deep Meditation, spreading joy, peace and health while building your own profitable practice.

Our unequaled Teachers of Meditation Training Academy prepares you to open your own independent Meditation teaching practice or add Effortless Deep Meditation to your current teaching practice.

The Second Semester has been postponed to a later date so as to update and improve course structure and content. New dates will be advertised on this site when available.



Semester I

2-3 on-line lessons per week,
Duration - 3 months


Semester II

On-campus study
Resort setting, includes room & board
Duration - 2 months


Semester I

in preparation


Semester II

Single occupancy: TBD
Double occupancy: TBD

The course language will be English,
With translation to additional languages

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